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The clients – a young family –, the theme  – Brâncovenesc style yet modern house – and the site – a plot from a recent serial detached houses development – define the premises for the project. The exterior and interior spaces are divided in two functional strips: the access and the private courtyard on the outside, the servant and the served spaces on the inside. This division is observed also on the main facades. The building is a prism with excavated lodges – architectural elements observed in old Romanian architecture. The large flat eaves of the four slope pitched roof define the top of the house through a horizontal plane; the relation to the ground is mediated by a stone plated base. The classic spatiality, the horizontality, the proportions’ precision and the massive-light tectonic effect which are all characteristic to old Romanian architecture have been dressed in the project using contemporary means and methods.


Facts + Figures
client: private
address: Valea Merilor St., Mogosoaia, IF
area: 240 m2
status: completed
year: 2010-2011
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